Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Anime Character Drawing

This is one of the Chobits. I'm a fan of animes I love all the stories, I love the characters, I love the fantasy people created, I just simply love everything about animes. I took more than 12 hours working on just this piece.

This is the reference I used for the drawing. I drew on top of this picture, and I found out that I am still having problems with lines. I have to discover and practice more on how to produce fine lines.

Its the 1st time for me to draw characters using photoshop. So before I start, I had to do some research and watch some tutorials online on how to do the colouring. I did not follow 100% the way they did it I modified and combined it with some other tutorials I've seen. These are the major links I used as reference.
Skin Tutorial Part1
Skin Tutorial Part2
Skin Tutorial Part3
Hair Tutorial Part1
Hair Tutorial Part2
Eye Tutorial Ver.1
Eye Tutorial Ver.2
Eye Tutorial Ver.3 Part1
Background Tutorial Ver.1
Background Tutorial Ver.2 Part1

My research includes studying other existing pictures.

[color study]

[pattern, style study]

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